Jun 15

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Tag: Informática LegalJoaquim Anguas @ 9:57 am

White Berberian charges $249 to negotiate a settlement on behalf of accused file sharers. That fee will not cover any «litigation-related activities» the attorneys said on the site. Steven White, one of the two founders of the firm, stressed in an interview with CNET late Friday that he and law partner Sean Berberian won’t charge any client, unless they save the client money. He acknowledged that neither he nor Berberian are experts in intellectual-property law but said they have a good understanding of the issues. The way they see the landscape looks like this: it is in Dunlap Grubb’s interest to get the cases settled as quickly as possible, and this is where White Berberian hopes it can persuade the lawyers and Voltage Pictures to negotiate.

That’s fine, but what about people who claim to be innocent and refuse to settle? White said that for people who are innocent and want to fight, he would have a «frank discussion» about the facts of their case and the cost. According to White, the first thing that people accused of copyright infringement by Dunlap Grubb should know is that the firm is probably willing to sue a few people so that they can prove to everyone that their threats about litigation are real.»

Arizona law firm White Berberian offers help to settle case for people accused of illegal file sharing by «U.S. Copyright Group» (represented by Dunlap Grubb & Weaver). They don’t seem to be willing to litigate, which would help to see if the strategy in place works or not…

Via CNET, via BoingBoing.