Abr 17


Tag: Informática LegalJoaquim Anguas @ 11:01 pm

Last month the National Academies presented a report commissioned by the Congress on 2006 to identify the needs of the Forensic Science community.

The diagnosis it presents for the discipline is it is:

  • Lacked of solid scientific research that validates results
  • Lacked of standard terminology when presenting the results
  • Fragmented and lacked of consistent practices
  • Weakly governed

And the proposed actions include:

  • Establishment of best practices
  • Compulsory accreditation for laboratories
  • Compulsory certification for practitioners
  • Peer reviewed interdisciplinary research and development
  • Improved research and education
  • Programs for lawyers and judges to better understand the discipline
  • Creation of a new independent agency, the National Institute for Forensic Science

All those proposals are provoking a lot of controversy in the community for obvious reasons.

I have to say that I am very surprised that computer forensics is so weakly covered, but after reviewing the profiles of the participants, all comes clear.

By default I am against the way it was conducted, because:

  • It focuses on evidence related to crimes, but the society needs the discipline to cover scientific proof as a whole
  • The vast majority of the participants are members of the academia and not practitioners day to day

BUT I completely agree with the diagnosis and the proposed actions, except how the independent agency is created and managed.

You can buy the report here, or read it online.