Oct 12

Forensic Tecnologies Preview Day: Email Analysis Systems

Tag: Informática LegalJoaquim Anguas @ 8:37 pm

I attended the conferences from Mr. Tom Balance, founder and CEO at Vound LLC and Mr. Martin Hermann from NH Service in substitution of Mr. Morgan Sheehy, COO at Nuix.

Mr Balance gave a firsthand approach to their products and was sincere and earnest. He presented his product, Intella, to be centered on email analysis; only email analysis.

From the acquisition of all kind of email stores; to the indexing, searching, tagging, blacklisting; to results presentation, he covered most of the more relevant features of the product.

I found especially interesting its ability to search and process by message-id, or MS metadata, like “author” or “contributor”.

Mr. Hermann presented a different kind of animal.

Nuix is a system that not only allows you to “ingest” and “digest” huge amounts of emails very fast, but also is able to integrate with major litigation support tools like CaseLogistix, ConcordanceRelativity, Ringtail or Access Data’s Summation among others. Of course, this comes to a price, but it is interesting to note that the company is adopting the trend to new business models with new licensing / service oriented proposals.