Ene 23 2008

Port de Dtrace a OS X

Tag: (i)realidadJoaquim Anguas @ 8:41 pm

Adam Leventhal, uno de los ingenieros del equipo de desarrollo de DTrace cuenta en su blog que Apple ha tenido a bien portar DTrace a OS X. Y de paso, y como quien no quiere la cosa, ha modificado el código para evitar el acceso a determinados procesos:

The notion of true systemic tracing was a bit too egalitarian for their classist sensibilities so they added this glob of lard into dtrace_probe() — the heart of DTrace:

#if defined(__APPLE__) /* * If the thread on which this probe has fired belongs to a process marked P_LNOATTACH * then this enabling is not permitted to observe it. Move along, nothing to see here.*/

if (ISSET(current_proc()->p_lflag, P_LNOATTACH)) { continue; }

#endif /* __APPLE__ */

No es que Apple no esté en su derecho, la licencia de DTrace lo permite… Pero es un asunto feo.

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Ene 08 2008

Enable VNC access on OS X Server from generic clients

Tag: Informática Legal,SystemsJoaquim Anguas @ 1:24 pm

OS X Server systems have a build-in VNC Server.

But if you are not willing to pay the 299$ that costs Apple Remote Desktop, you will find that it is not evident how to enable it for generic VNC clients.

If you happen to get in front of a headless server (being you reading this, you may right now…), this may come handly:

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