Abr 05 2012

World War 3.0

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When the Internet was created, decades ago, one thing was inevitable: the war today over how (or whether) to control it, and who should have that power. Battle lines have been drawn between repressive regimes and Western democracies, corporations and customers, hackers and law enforcement. Looking toward a year-end negotiation in Dubai, where 193 nations will gather to revise a U.N. treaty concerning the Internet, Michael Joseph Gross lays out the stakes in a conflict that could split the virtual world as we know it.»

Vanity Fair via Schneier.

Abr 01 2012

CC payment processor breached

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Atlanta-based CC payment processor Global Payments confirmed past friday a breach in (part of) their processing system that may affect up to 10M credit cards. The same day Visa released his own statement.

See also.

Via arstechnica.

Mar 22 2012

Put Alan Turing on the £10 note!

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Alan TuringSign here.
Via BoingBoing.

Mar 14 2012

National Security Letters

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But this time, the company that received the request pushed back. It told the agency that it wanted to tell its customer that he or she was being targeted, which would give the customer a chance to fight the request in court, as a group of Twitter users did last year when the Justice Department sought their records under a different kind of request. The minor defiance in this latest case was enough to land the NSL request in a federal court docket last Friday, where the government filed a request for a court order to force the company to adhere to the gag order.

In its petition, the government asserted that disclosure of the fact or contents of its NSL “may endanger the national security of the United States” and urged the court to issue an order binding the company to the nondisclosure provision, or be in violation of federal law and face contempt charges.»


Mar 08 2012

NASA Celebrates Women

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There is several hours of programming planned. You can see the full schedule on the JPL Ustream page

Via BoingBoing.

Also narrowthegap:

Narrow the Gap

Mar 03 2012

Eleccions: dega2012.anguas.org

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Com ja sabeu, el proper 23 de març celebrarem eleccions a degà al COEINF.

Després d’anys de servei al col·lectiu i gràcies al suport rebut de molts de vosaltres vaig decidir presentar la meva candidatura.

Us convido a fer una ullada a la nostra proposta a la web dega2012.anguas.org i us animo a venir a expressar la vostra voluntat a les eleccions: presencialment o fent servir mecanismes de delegació o vot per correu.

Feb 29 2012


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Three of the IP addresses used by the servers that controlled the compromised systems observed by SecureWorks also overlapped with addresses that hosted servers used in attacks last year on RSA. The attackers used their access to RSA’s systems to steal highly sensitive data related to the company’s two-factor SecurID authentication tokens that 40 million employees use to access corporate and government networks. The IP addresses belong to the China Beijing Province Network’s autonomous system 4808, which researchers say has long been a hotbed for espionage-related malware.»

arstechnica‘s Dan Goodin coments on this report from DELL SecureWorks.

See also thisthis, and this.


Feb 27 2012

The case for open computer programs

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To some extent we all have the impression that the scientific method makes things move forward based on a set of principles and when one thinks on science, peer reviewed publications and credibility, the concept of reproducibility stands tall.

Making available all the components of a scientific experiment may be a complex task, but guarantees that the community can fully validate the produced results.

In this article from Nature the authors make a reflection on the impact of code un-disclosure when it comes to science.

Much of the debate about code transparency involves the philosophy of science, error validation and research ethics, but our contention is more practical: that the cause of reproducibility is best furthered by focusing on the dissection and understanding of code, a sentiment already appreciated by the growing open-source movement.

Forensic activity cannot fully match to science practice. Of course we can talk about “forensic sciences” as the body of knowledge related to our activities, but we forensic experts (most often) work over concrete instances, not general or abstract matters. But the concept of reproducibility is key to provide support for the basic principles of due process, especially for the impact it may have on the principle of contradiction.

From the forensic perspective we should think about the implications of code un-disclosure in the rights of people.

P.S. If you do the cliking to Nature, don’t miss this.

Via arstechnica.

Feb 25 2012

Ralph Langner’s Stuxnet Deep Dive

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Ralph Langner  made a great presentation of his results on investigating Stuxnet at Digital Bond’s SCADA Security Scientific Symposium that was held in Miami last January 18-19, 2012.

One quote:

… the president is also kind enough to show us Scada screens…» (min. 26)

And a remark, min. 57:30: how quality assurance from vendors compares to the one used by the attackers…

From Digital Bond.

Feb 24 2012

John Nash’s Letter to NSA (1955)

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John Nash's letter

From agtb via Schneier.

«The National Security Agency has recently declassified an amazing letter that John Nash sent them in 1955. He puts forward an amazingly prescient analysis anticipating computational complexity theory as well as modern cryptography

The «best known work» he mentions earned him a Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences in 1994.

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