Sep 24 2011

Patriot Act: a classified interpretation.

Tag: (i)realidadJoaquim Anguas @ 3:38 pm

Americans will eventually and inevitably come to learn about the gap that currently exists between the public’s understanding of government surveillance authorities and the official, classified interpretation of these authorities.

Via Techdirt.

See also: NYMag, Wired, arstechnica.

Sneak and peek warrant definition (Wikipedia).

Sep 23 2011

«The Drama! Teen Conflict, Gossip, and Bullying in Networked Publics»

Tag: (i)realidadJoaquim Anguas @ 2:03 pm

While drama is not particularly new, networked dynamics reconfigure how drama plays out and what it means to teens in new ways. In this paper, we examine how American teens conceptualize drama, its key components, participant motivations for engaging in it, and its relationship to networked technologies. Drawing on six years of ethnographic fieldwork, we examine what drama means to teenagers and its relationship to visibility and privacy. We argue that the emic use of ‘drama’ allows teens to distance themselves from practices which adults may conceptualize as bullying.

Via BoingBoing, via Danah Boyd. Full paper.