Abr 27 2010


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I’ve just finished this book (excellent reading, by the way). It encourages you to critically read and comment cases. In order to test the knowledge I acquired in the read (or the lack of it, thereof), I want to evaluate the following case presented as an exercise:

Read the following text, put it into context and raise the legal issues you may find relevant.

On his birthday, Mr. Engineer, employee at a high-tech firm named Pear, goes to a biergarten and leaves behind a prototype cell phone he was working with.

Mr. Finder, also client at the bar, finds the prototype and allegedly tries to contact the firm with the purpose of returning it. Pear employees are not aware of the prototype missing and do not give Mr. Finder proper guidance to return the valuable.

Mr. Finder then contacts Mr. Journalist, editor at an online publication dedicated to gadgetry news. Mr. Finder gives the found prototype to Mr. Journalist in exchange of 5.000USD.

Mr. Journalist publishes details of the device and the name of Mr. Engineer on his online publication.

Days later a search warrant is served at Mr. Journalist’s house when he is not at home and all computers and storage media found are seized.”

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Abr 19 2010

Curs de prova electrònica ICAB

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Avui he participat com a ponent a la sessió d’introducció del Curs de Prova Electrònica que organitza la secció TIC de l’ICAB.

Podeu trobar la meva presentació aquí.

Abr 17 2010

«La fase de instrucción: esa gran desconocida»

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Aunque he actuado en muchos casos en vía penal, la posición del perito no es la mejor para tomar consciencia del contexto que envuelve la fase de instrucción y en general para comprender el proceso penal sin una mínima guía.

Estoy asistiendo al «Curs Bàsic de Pràctica Processal Penal» del ICAB.

Hasta ahora las sesiones son amenas y estoy aprendiendo mucho (señal de mi ignorancia anterior).

Me he animado a escribir al respecto después de las excelentes sesiones de ayer de Núria Martí Garcia-Milà y Inés Portabella Cornet, respecto a la fase de instrucción y fase intermedia respectivamente. Ambas sesiones muy sinceras, enfocadas y prácticas.

Con un poco de suerte no tendré que escribir un libro que tenía en mente: «La fase de instrucción: esa gran desconocida» :-)

Abr 15 2010

Path to mediocrity

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When President Obama recently released his budget for NASA, he proposed a slight increase in total funding, substantial research and technology development, an extension of the International Space Station operation until 2020, long range planning for a new but undefined heavy lift rocket and significant funding for the development of commercial access to low earth orbit.

Although some of these proposals have merit,  the accompanying decision to cancel the Constellation program, its Ares 1 and Ares V rockets, and the Orion spacecraft, is devastating.»

Open letter to president Obama.

Update: theregister.

Abr 14 2010

Tracing VoIP calls

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It was like something out of a movie: an US Capitol Police Special Agent and three San Francisco cops drop by a suspect’s home to ask about threatening phone calls targeting House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. They know the calls all came from a specific phone number, one assigned to the VoIP provider magicJack, but the suspect denies that the number is his. The agent steps into the other room and uses his cell phone to call the number. A telephone connected to the suspect’s computer starts to ring, and the suspect answers it. «Hello,» says the agent.

When the agent returns to the room and asks if the suspect wants to change his story, the man admits that the calls were his own.

The moral of the story: if you’re going to call people and taunt them with the untraceability of your phone number… make sure the phone number is actually untraceable.

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