Abr 06 2009

Expert witness, computing and presumptions

Tag: Computing, Signs and ReasoningJoaquim Anguas @ 4:56 pm

I start a series of posts related to legal reasoning and computational semiotics.

This post informally analyzes and puts into context the argumentation and generalization elements used by expert witness in computing, taking into account their relationship with computational semiotics.

If semiotics is the science of signs, computational semiotics is the branch of semiotics that studies signs supported by computational means.

Expert witness in computing, derive assertions from computational signs and argumentation methods.

While it could be thought that expert witness provide feasible assertions, the fact is that, in the field of computing, often many plausible options coexist. Expert witness use informal logic approaches like non-monotonic abductive reasoning to identify the best explanation that satisfies coherence with all other known facts.

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