Ago 22 2008

IFEs as an emerging platform

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In a recent business trip to Miami connected through Atlanta I experienced the new In-Flight Entertainment Systems (IFEs) available at selected Delta flights. They let you enjoy games and on-demand audio and video contents. All in all it makes your flight shorter, which makes a difference for the more than 10 hours that takes BCN-ATL.

I observed that it was based on Linux, as one of the units in the next seats row happened to reboot now and then showing the typical penguin screen, and seemed to allow some kind of networking too.

Back at home, I’ve done some search and it is build by Panasonic Avionics, based, in fact, on Red Hat Linux. And looks like they have plans to make it grow.

Virgin America has a similar product called RED.

With factors as Pay-per-View and networking, and being this a growing trend, expect some “things” happening in this environment midterm.

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Ago 01 2008


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If you deploy a report and when you try to open it on Report Manager you get:

An internal error occurred on the report server. See the error log for more details.(rsInternalError)
Invalid object name ‘ReportServerTempDB.dbo.PersistedStream'»

You open SQL Server Management Studio and… the database is not there!. You do not give credit and issue:

USE ReportServerTempDB;”

And you get:

Could not locate entry in sysdatabases for database ‘ReportServerTempDB’. No entry found with that name.»

You look at the /Data directory and the files are there…

Then this may help you:

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Ago 01 2008


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Me han notificado el resultado del examen de CISA y he aprobado.

Son buenas noticias por partida doble:

  • He aprobado el examen
  • Casi no estudié, así que el resultado debe provenir de mi experiencia profesional

Esta última es una buena noticia para mí porqué quiere decir que he estado trabajando bien durante los últimos años, al menos según los estándares de ISACA.

Y son buenas noticias también para la certificación, ya que implica que el conocimiento que se requiere para conseguirla no es en absoluto arbitrario.

Ahora sólo me queda terminar el papeleo para la acreditación de experiencia y pagar las cuotas.